ListingLight  $65.00ea.
$58.75ea. 4/pack
Listing Locks  $18.00/pair

Invented by a Realtor® for Realtors®, LISTINGLIGHTS® are tamper and weather fully
illuminates both sides of your yard sign and flyer box. A photo sensor automatically
turns your LISTINGLIGHT® on and off every day and your sellers will get up to 150
extra hours of exposure every month with a LISTINGLIGHT®.

LISTINGLIGHTS® are also a great listing tool! While all other signs are in the dark,
your seller’s listing will be fully illuminated and be visible almost 50% more in the
winter months! Our two patent pending products LISTINGLIGHT®,Your Real Estate
Night Light and our latest product LISTINGLOCKS™, a replacement for your s-hooks
and locking device for your sign to the posted sign are the two hottest innovative real
estate products on the market.

A LISTINGLIGHT® is brighter and more reliable than solar lights because one solar
panel doesn’t throw off enough energy to light up both sides of your sign. Some of the
solar lights require you to buy two units to cover both sides of its sign while
LISTINGLIGHT® covers both sides of your sign and flyer box. LISTINGLIGHTS® fit
onto your sign or metal frame and not on the top of the post like most solar
applications. Solar landscaping lights are a softer light and when it snows rarely works!
As Realtors® we fill our flyer boxes up at least once a week and all we’re asking is for
you to change the batteries every two months! We like to say that a LISTINGLIGHT®
is “The Sign That Never Sleeps” and the first real estate sign night light.
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