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Adobe Illustrator  ai
Traceable Formats:*

Customer Supplied Artwork:

Vector Based Graphics Files:  
We prefer to work with vector (outline) graphic files because they are
resolution independent (we can scale up these images without loss
of quality. This is the best format to send sign graphics to us, we
generally don’t have to alter your artwork, although we will perform
prepress work (trapping, color separation, etc.). It’s important to
understand that most vector graphics programs can include bitmap
graphics or effects, these are not vector graphics. A vector graphic
only contains outlines. We will except files from the following vector
graphics programs:

Adobe Illustrator
.ai We accept Illustrator (*.ai) files version CS and lower. If you are
sending a Illustrator file, be sure to include font files or create
outlines from all text (select text and press CTRL+SHIFT+O) prior to

.eps Encapsulated PostScript Files (*.eps) are a great format that
most vector based graphics programs will export. Remember to
convert all text to paths, curves, outlines before exporting an .eps file.
While we prefer to use the original native file format from the above
programs, we will accept an EPS file, provided that there are no
embedded bitmaps included.

Raster Based
Graphics Files:  
Raster (or bitmap) graphic files are pixel-based formats. This is the
best format to send photos to us. Keep in mind that your photo will be
output at 300 dpi in the final size (photos on name riders are usually
3-1/2 x 5 inches). Generally, photo images that were saved for
business cards and web sites are NOT high enough resolution.

While we prefer vector graphics for sign art, we will accept raster
images, but we will have to re-create your design using your file as a
guide. We will except files from the following raster graphics

.psd We accept Photoshop (*.psd) files version CS and lower. You
can send us photos in this format, be sure they are 300 dpi at 3.5 x 5
inches. If you are sending a sign layout in Photoshop format, be
aware that we will only be able to use your file as a guide for when
we "re-create" your artwork.  

.tif (Tagged Image File Format) The standard "raw data" file in the
graphics world. Produces high quality images due to the fact it does
not use compression in it’s standard form. We highly recommend
sending us all photos or pictures in this format, but please be sure
they are at least 300 dpi at 3.5 x 5 inches.  

.jpg (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Using sophisticated
compression techniques, this format can be 1/10 the size of normal
"raw data" files. While well suited for photographic Web files, we don’
t recommend using these files for printing.
Paint Shop Pro

.gif (Graphics Interchange Format) is a very popular and well-used
file format for line-art graphics on the Web. If you are sending a sign
layout in this format be aware that we will only be able to use your file
as a guide, we will have to re-create your artwork.
Windows Bitmap

.bmp Windows Bitmap files (*.bmp) are raw data files that are often
used for background images within Window’s Desktops. If you are
sending a sign layout in this format be aware that we will only be able
to use your file as a guide, and we will have to re-create your artwork.

Page Layout
Graphics Files:  
Page Layout files combine vector and raster image technologies into
one singular file. While normally used for large, multi-page
publications, we can open files from the following page layout
programs. Depending on the individual elements in your layout, we
may have to re-create your design using your file as a guide.  

.pub We can accept Microsoft Publisher (*pub) files from version
2003 and earlier.

Adobe Acrobat
.pdf You can send us your artwork as an Acrobat (*.pdf) file. When
"distilling" your file, be sure to embed fonts.
Let our artists show you how to update
your sign photo to your main panel or
insert/rider for instant recognition. An
artist from our customers, at no
additional charge! We full-sized drawing,
and color samples for your approval,
before we print your signs. Once we have
your final approval, your sign order is
printed and shipped within 10-15 working
days, or we pay you.

Please note a $75.00 deposit is charged
to your card for new customer. This
deposit will be applied to your final
balance. If an order is not placed, we will
retain the deposit.

The colors below are available at no
extra charge and are online screen
representations only.

from web optimized reproductions. The
use of any color other than those shown
below, will require a PMS color match
and a special charge of $40.00 per PMS
custom color. If you have a sample of a
color you'd like us to match, please mail
the sample to us and we will do our best
to match it ($75 per color charge).

Note: Custom colors may vary in shade.
All colors will vary in color based upon
the material used.

E-mailed artwork or photos must be
under 15MB in size. In the body of the
contact information, as well as any
additional comments which might assist
our art department.
WinZip archives are great ways to send
images over the web. "Zipping"
compresses a file by removing
redundant or unnecessary data from the
image file, and then replaces that data
when the file is "unzipped".


Mail any artwork exceeding 15
megabytes to the following address.
Art Dept.
11914 Oak Creek Pkwy
Huntley IL 60142
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