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For maximum visibility a sign needs to be in a position where it gets maximum exposure to its
target audience and in a situation where the message can be processed by the viewer. That
also means making sure it’s not going to be obstructed by merchandising, because you don’t
want to have to shift your sign every time you change an in-store display. Check, too, that it’s
the right size for the distance from which it’s going to be viewed.

For readability, wording on a sign needs to be organised in a way that maximises your
intended message; use words that are readily understood, emphasise key words and
phrases, and group ideas logically. A picture speaks a thousand words, and using graphics
can help get your message through quickly and effectively (think of the ‘no smoking’ or ‘first-
aid’ symbols and you’ll get the idea)

The sign should incorporate some design elements that will help it stand out conspicuously in
the landscape. Color contrast, changeable components, motion, uniqueness of design and/or
subconscious attraction can serve to make a sign more noticeable.

Typestyle selection is critical to the effectiveness of a sign. The proper font should convey the
desired image without sacrificing the ability to distinguish individual letters. Many script and
specialty typestyles are difficult to read, especially over greater viewing distances.

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