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In order; 3mm Poly - .040 Aluminum - 8mm Coroplast - 4mm Coroplast
3mm Poly A smooth plastic that
has flat sheen to it.  Can warp over
time and can crack when struck in
severe cold. Is best used inside of
angle iron frames.
.040 Aluminum  Comes with a UV
Clear coating wich offers additional
protection against abrasions, scuffing
and scratching.  The shiniest looking
panel. Is very rigid bunt once bent
difficult to straighten out without leaving
noticeable mark. Will not rust and will
hold up under adverse weather
8mm Coro  Our most economical
of the long lasting sign panels,  Has
the best rigidity and will hold up in
adverse weather conditions.  The
plastic has a flat/eggshell sheen. Close
up the lines of the panel are visible.  
Because of the price and durability
This is our #1 selling Panel.
4mm Coro  Used as bandit signs,
political signs, directional signs.  
Anywhere that cost saving is important.
Suggested for short term use, can be
tranlsucent on bright days.